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Yes, I answered him.  I told him that it depends upon the verb in question and the normal way in which it is used.  Some verbs imply an ongoing activity rather than a single act ("to go" or "to come" rather than "to die") and therefore may contain a futuristic aspect.  Either type may be used in the manner of the other.  It is therefore incorrect to simply state that a present tense verb automatically indicates an ongoing activity.  In regard to hOMOLOGEW it may simply be a case of confessing a particular wrongdoing rather than continually confessing.  It could also be iterative or customary use (rather than an ongoing activity something on the order of "Every time we confess …") so that it may well refer to a repeated practice (rather than a continued activity).  The type of verb being considered as well as the context in which it is used must be considered.

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List, Mitch Larramore asked a few questions
the other day. Below is his first question
and what that question was in response to.
Pardon me, but has anyone answered this

rod rogers
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Ed Glasscock, an unknown to me, has an
article in BibSac on 1 John 1.9 and I wanted
to ask a question or two on comments he

"The present tense verb "confess" implies a
continual process of confessing, which
indicates the continual potential of sin in a
believer's life."

Does the Present Tense verb (hOMOLOGEW)
really refer to some ongoing process?
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