[B-Greek] Fw: 1 John 1.9 Ed Glasscock in latest BibSac

Rod Rogers rngrogers at embarqmail.com
Wed May 6 16:15:43 EDT 2009

List, Mitch Larramore asked a few questions
the other day. Below is his first question
and what that question was in response to.
Pardon me, but has anyone answered this

rod rogers
Bargersville, In

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Subject: [B-Greek] 1 John 1.9 Ed Glasscock in
latest BibSac

Ed Glasscock, an unknown to me, has an
article in BibSac on 1 John 1.9 and I wanted
to ask a question or two on comments he

"The present tense verb "confess" implies a
continual process of confessing, which
indicates the continual potential of sin in a
believer's life."

Does the Present Tense verb (hOMOLOGEW)
really refer to some ongoing process?

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