[B-Greek] 1 John 1.9 Ed Glasscock in latest BibSac

Mitch Larramore mitchlarramore at yahoo.com
Tue May 5 02:11:36 EDT 2009

Ed Glasscock, an unknown to me, has an article in BibSac on 1 John 1.9 and I wanted to ask a question or two on comments he makes.

"The present tense verb "confess" implies a continual process of confessing, which indicates the continual potential of sin in a believer's life." 

Does the Present Tense verb (hOMOLOGEW) really refer to some ongoing process? Does a Present Tense verb direct the readers' attention to the future, ever? I'm not sure I see how a Present Tense verb speaks to any issues beyond the "present."

"The verb AFHi is an aorist subjunctive verb..." [In a footnote he adds, "The aorist simply asserts the actuality of the event..."]

Is that the function of the Aorist Tense (in any mood) to indicate 'actuality'? I can see an Indicative Mood denoting 'actuality,' but not an Aorist verb, or a Subjunctive Mood verbal, ever.

Mitch Larramore
Sugar Land, Texas


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