[B-Greek] Recent discussion concerning Erasmian pronunciation

Michael Aubrey mga318 at yahoo.com
Sun May 3 22:53:39 EDT 2009


I'm curious. How you, as a native speaker, view those of us, 
who like Buth, use a reconstructed historical pronunciation?

Do the historically reconstructed phonologies of Koine Greek
by people such as RandaIl Buth, Rondal Smith, and Gerhard 
Mussies, all of which maintain an incredibly consistent amount 
of agreement, hold water in your view? Would you consider
them as helpful and/or valid?

Mike Aubrey

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There is a third group, native Greeks, who
read the bible without any interruption from the time it is written, without a
need of any translation, in their own language; a language with music and

Do they know how their language sounds?

Or this does not count!


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