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Fri May 1 04:38:13 EDT 2009

> There's also Coptic, Northumbrian and Esperonto, but I don't
want to give Buth any ideas.  ;)
Mark L. >

Actually, Coptic has a language community with their own ideas about
'good coptic'.
As for Ugaritic, it is a bit of 'apples and oranges' since its script
doesn't have vowels
except for those occurring on alef. the vowels of words are
reconstructed, it uses a
three vowel plus length system and has a rather full semitic consonant
inventory. The
problem isn't the pronunciation but the smallness of the corpus.

A better question would be, for what other language do practioners use
an 'ancient
(as it were but isn't)' pronunciation for a more modern dialect?


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