[B-Greek] KATABOLH SPERMATOS/WN (was "Translating Hebrews 11:11")

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Here are the hits for the word in Perseus, I don't know how much time you have for digging through them...though you might be able to check the LSJ citations:


You can also search for the word here (though there's not morphological analysis; you'll need to search wordforms individually):



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> In my oriiginal post I was simply trying to offer ;the text of some of  the citations offered by 
> BDAG in support of the sense "sowing seed"  for KATABOLH SPERMATOS. It didn't occur to me but 
> should have to take  a look at LSJ. Now I've done so:
> One of the special uses cited is:
> throw down seed, sow, Men. Georg.37, cf. καταβλητέον; κ.  τὸ σπέρμα, of the male, 
> Epicur.Nat.908.1:—Pass., Placit. 5.7.4, Sor.1.33, Ocell.4.14: metaph., σπέρμα κ. τοιούτων 
> πραγμάτων D.24.154; κ. φάτιν ὡς . . spread abroad a  rumour, Hdt.1.122, cf.E.HF758(lyr.).
> That's the verb; here's the LSJ entry for the noun KATABOLH:
> καταβολ-ή, ἡ,
> throwing down: hence, sowing, Corp.Herm.9.6; esp. of begetting, κ.  σπέρματος, σπερμάτων, 
> Philol.13, Luc.Am.19, cf.  Ep.Hebr.11.11, Arr.Epict.1.13.3; ἡ Ῥωμύλου σπορὰ  καὶ κ. Plu.2.320b.

Of course, if it is SPERMATWN rather than SPERMATOS, it changes everything.
Is there anybody who can give me the actual texts cited, since I have access to the dictionaries, 
but they do not give enough text and context to make any decisions.

Iver Larsen 

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