[B-Greek] Who teaches Koine using Living Language methods?

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I used Randall's material as an option for teaching students with learning
problems at Brite Divinity School (Texas Christian University) and I know
one of the instructors that in Hebrew classes used the material for a
similar purpose. Students who found it difficult to learn the alphabet and
memorize paradigms were allowed to flourish and gain a valuable basis for
further learning in this way. However, it would probably have been deemed
too experimental (and, unfortunately, expensive) to use the material for the
mainstream students.

I dream of the day when the material supplemented with powerpoint along with
the audio.

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Is anyone aware of schools or programs which try to use living language
methods to teach Koine or Attic? The only two off hand I know of are Randall
Buth and Christophe Rico.  I'm sure that some colleges and universities
around the world use audio to some greater or lesser extent, but spoken
manipulation and aural internalization is a little different. Mounce in his
YouTube video kind of hints at something like it designed for children.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq1Zcv9DreE   It would be nice to know how
many others out there are taking this approach.
Louis Sorenson

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