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I did get a sample copy and reviewed it on my blog:
It was also discussed on this list at the time; you can find the thread
in the archives.


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A new
audio has come out:  Sing and Learn New
Testament Greek: The Easiest Way to Learn Greek Grammar by Kenneth
The review is on Amazon at
http://www.amazon.com/Sing-Learn-New-Testament-Greek/dp/0310280990.  It
takes songs and uses them in developing
vocabulary, paradigms, etc. I have not yet seen/heard this cd, but the
are traditional folk songs, not modern praise songs which people would
to sing.  Has anyone had an opportunity to review this yet?  The price
is only $11+ on Amazon.  I assume the audio is in Koine. (Interestingly
enough, the singer knows no Greek, he was reading a phonetic

Louis Sorenson

Mark Spinti made a post in Jan 2009:
I just ran across this in the latest Zondervan title:
Sing and Learn New Testament Greek:
The Easiest Way to Learn Greek Grammar
Learn on the Go/Includes 1 Audio CD and a 28-Page Guide
Coming May 2008


Interesting...of course we will be carrying it, and I am hoping I can
get a review copy to put on my blog...


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