[B-Greek] purpose hina vs. result hina?

Eric S. Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 29 21:49:08 EDT 2009

How does one know when to translate hINA as purpose versus results, and/or what leeway 
does one have to pick and choose between them? In looking at the Lexham Clausal 
Outlines of the New Testament (Logos Bible Software) for Romans 5-8, there were a 
number of places where Dean P. Deppe (the author/editor of the Lexham Outlines) 
indicated that it was a result hINA. I looked at BDAG and Wallace, but it seems to me 
that at times it could go either way. Most translations I'm familiar with seem to translate it 
as purpose, but translating it as result, or as kind of a middling "that" (i.e., leaving it vague 
whether it's purpose or result) can definitely change the meaning of some significant 
passages in this section of Romans (in positive ways, IMO), and likely elsewhere as well.
Eric S. Weiss 


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