[B-Greek] Hoskier's Collation of All Greek Documents of the Apocalypse

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Since you stated that you had checked addall.com, I originally assumed that they did not have it.  I didn't find it elsewhere so I decided to check used.addall.com and did find a copy.  If you wish to buy it, I suggest that you act like the Owl and the Pussycat and "take plenty of money" (It doesn't matter whether you wrap it in a 10£ note or not).  $688.48 -- and no doubt, shipping from Germany.


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I realize this is not a question pertaining to Greek grammar, but it is
somewhat related (I hope). Nevertheless, I hope that you can help me find
Herman Hoskier's "Concering the Text of the Apocalypse Collation of All
Existing Available Greek Documents with the Standard Text of Stephen's Third
Edition Together With the Testimony of the Versions, Commentaries and
Fathers". 2 vols. (London: Bernard Quaritch, Ltd., 1929).

I have searched addall.com, bookfinder, abebooks, alibris, amazon and ebay,
finding no results. Help is much appreciated.

Will Dilbeck
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