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On Jun 25, 2009, at 3:02 PM, Carl Conrad wrote:

> Elizabeth, I don't think you'd find the expanded expression  
> precisely for the reason that compression/ellipsis is pretty much  
> standard usage.
> Smyth:
> §2509.  Omission of the Antecedent to a Relative.--The demonstrative  
> pronoun antecedent to a relative is often omitted: either when it is  
> in the same case as the relative, or in a different case from the  
> relative. The omission occurs when the antecedent expresses the  
> general idea of person or thing, and often when the relative clause  
> precedes.
> ἐγὼ δὲ καὶ (οὗτοι) ὧν κρατῶ  
> μενοῦμεν[EGW DE KAI (hOUTOI) hWN KRATW MENOUMEN] but I and  
> those whom I command will remain X. C. 5.1.26, καλὸν τὸ  
> θνῄσκειν οἷς (for τούτοις οἷς) ὕβριν  
> τὸ ζῆν φέρει [KALON TO QNHiSKEIN hOIS (for TOUTOIS hOIS)  
> hUBRIN TO ZHN FEREI] death is sweet to those to whom life brings  
> contumely Men. Sent. 291, λέγω πάντας [p. 565]  
> εἰσφέρειν ἀφ' ὅσων (for ἀπὸ τοσούτων  
> ὅσα) ἕκαστος ἔχει [LEGW PANTAS EISFEREIN AF' hOSWN  
> 9for APO TOSOUTWN hOSA) hEKASTOS ECEI] I say that all must  
> contribute according to the ability of each (from such means as each  
> man has) D. 2.31.
> cf. BDF §294 4) Also corresponding to classical usage is the  
> relative, which includes the demonstrative (unlike German and  
> English), assimilated to the case of the omitted demonstrative: Lk  
> 9:36 οὐδὲν ὧν = οὐδὲν τούτων ἅ. [OUDEN hWN =  
> Even Wallace, GGBB discusses and offers examples of this sort of  
> ellipsis, pp. 339-40 ("c)  Antecedent Complexities ").
> Or am I misunderstanding what you're asking?


You understood the question. I just didn't understand Alford. He can  
be a little cryptic. If he had stated it as "omission of the  
antecedent to a relative" then I would have understood what he was  
driving at. But I am having one of those days when the obvious isn't  

Thank you,

Elizabeth Kline

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