[B-Greek] Etomology of euaggellion

Vasileios Tsialas tsialas78 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 21 04:35:38 EDT 2009

EPAGGELIA (declaration, promise) < EPI (on, giving emphasis) + AGGELIA

EUAGGELIO (good message) < EU (good) + AGGELOS (messenger)

AGGELIA (message) < AGGELOS (messenger) < unknown origin.

It is speculated, but not confirmed, that there is a relation with the Sanskrit angiras (messenger).

(source: Babiniotis' Dictionary of the Modern Greek Language)

Vasileios Tsialas

Athens, Greece

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> Hi, Lauren,
> Aren't both words cognates of AGGELOS ("message")? A great source for
> cognates is Trenchard's *Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New *Testament,
> which lists 22 cognates of AGGELOS on page 5. The book is fairly inexpensive
> (under $20 new, and far less if it's used). *ISBN-13: *9780310226956. In
> addition to cognates, the book also lists every word in the GNT (in order of
> frequency) plus the principal parts of every verb in the GNT.
> In your examples, "gospel" just adds the prefix "EU" ("good" thus "good
> announcement") and EPAGGELIA adds the prefix "EPI" ("over," etc.) to somehow
> create "I promise." But perhaps you were looking for something else in your
> question?

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