[B-Greek] Absent Definite Article strips Personality from The Holy Spirit

James Ernest j.d.ernest at bc.edu
Tue Jun 16 07:11:26 EDT 2009

Someone who has the time and the interest (I have the latter but at present
not the former) might look into and report on comments on the significance
of the presence or absence of the definite article with PNEUMA by Athanasius
of Alexandria (in the *Letters to Serapion on the Holy Spirit*), compare
with Origen on the article with QEOS, and see whether Basil of Caesarea says
anything about the article (along with his large discussion of prepositions
with PNEUMA as object) in *On the Holy Spirit*. These writers knew Greek
pretty well (which does not mean that their dicta obviate grammatical
analysis according to contemporary methods and standards).
James Ernest

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