[B-Greek] Psalms 23

Louis Sorenson llsorenson at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 13 18:45:34 EDT 2009

Some on the list may not know of the ongoing Psalms Greekstudy reading group reading through the most favorite Psalms. This coming week, the group will be reading Psalms 23 (which is numbered 22 in the Septuagint).  If anyone reads any of the Psalms, Psalms 22(23) must be on the list. It is not directly quoted in the NT, but the allusions to Christ as Shepherd abound in the NT. 

Those interested may want to take a peek at the Psalms 23 reading page http://www.letsreadgreek.com/psalms/psalm022/psalm022.htm . The reading page has Perseus linked vocabulary, inline parsing, reading notes, a vocabulary page and more. 

The Greekstudy Psalms page and reading schedule can be found at http://www.letsreadgreek.com/psalms/greekstudygroup.htm#schedule.  Anyone who is interested can join. And if you want to just read (not translate), that's great. I'd be interested in anyone who reads through Psalm 22(23) to drop me a note. Many in the group are also reading the Psalm in the various languages they know (Hebrew, Greek, Modern Greek, Latin, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Portugese). Its a fun time for all.

Louis Sorenson [Psalms GreekStudy Coordinator]

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