[B-Greek] INA + Subjunctive Substantival Clause?

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Sat Jun 13 11:08:33 EDT 2009

Thank you for the answers Carl Conrad and Margaret Sim!

TO: Margaret Sim
"In contrast the clause which begins EIS TO DOKIMAZEIN does indicate the goal 
expected or hoped for. I'll stop there as I do not want to bore you on the 
subject of this very interesting particle!"
As far as the EIS DOKIMAZEIN prepositional phrase, I was very interested in what you had to say. I was looking at this phrase last night and had come to the conclusion that it must be functioning as a purpose clause. I know that Wallace does indicate that EIS can have this force in his "Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics" pg 369 as well as BDAG pg 290. Though BDAG did not give Phil. 1:10 as an example. I don't think you could ever bore me about Greek or ancient history, but I am sure you could loose me real fast. I am self taught, having never really taken a formal Greek class, so I am pretty rough around the edges. I read coupiously though from the Brenton LXX, Michael Holmes's "Apostolic Fathers" and of course the Greek NT. I also have started to read some from "Selections from the Greek Papyri" by George Milligan. I am still trying to learn the specifics of grammar though and am very interested in the larger "Discourse level" structure of the language, though I am not studied in this area AT ALL. 
Thanks for the great discussions.
And as the ancients used the term in "Selections from the Greek Papyri"



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