[B-Greek] Fem-Masc Nouns

Robert George 4examp at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 21:01:48 EDT 2009

1. It's true that you folk are in another world, technically & Greekly.
2. I also can't get over your willingness to help one another & share
your time, energy, expertise, insight.

3. For many years I have been wanting to find a list of neuter nouns.
On this site I rec'd 2 wonderful lists in the blink-of-an-eye (well -
not quite literally).
4. I don't have a clue as to what the responders had to go through. So
I can only appreciate the result, not the process.

I would really profit from similar lists for FEM & MASC nouns -- if
that is possible.

I can't repay in kind, but I have created a summary of Scripture
showing that "The Holy Spirit communicates in 40 ways" -- if anyone is

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