[B-Greek] reading Euclid

Susan Jeffers susan at read-the-bible.org
Fri Jun 12 09:07:21 EDT 2009

Hello b-greekers --

Here's a wonderful pair of websites I discovered yesterday, particularly 
for folks like myself, with a much stronger math-and-science background 
than literature-and-classics:

which offers (scroll down) a free downloadable pdf of Euclid's Elements 
with Greek and English next to one another, and lexicon (just quick 
glosses, but very helpful) in the back.  I like it so much, I've ordered 
the print-on-demand paper copy also offered.  But the pdf is very good.
which gives some background on Euclid himself and his work, then a 
complete course on the math and the Greek of Euclid's /Elements/.

The great thing about Euclid's Elements, for Greek students, is that it 
starts off with short declarative sentences that define terms, and then 
builds up the structure step by step... of course it helps if you loved 
Geometry class in high school.....

Susan Jeffers
long-time lurker, occasional poster

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