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To Arega --

If you do purchase Mounce's *Basics of Biblical Greek* textbook, you will
want to get the corresponding workbook as well. Since you are not in a
classroom setting you may want to do each lesson's work, then download the
answers from his Web site, www.teknia.com  to check your work, . In
addition, his Web site has some other great tools: a free vocabulary flash
card game to learn the words, and a CD  you can purchase of the vocabulary
keyed to the textbook. In addition, you can purchase another set of CDs: I
know people who have benefited from the set of CDs of Dr. Mounce's lectures
that cover the first year of Greek grammar.

Whatever direction you take, you will benefit from time, patience, and
multiple methods of learning (writing, reading out loud, using the Greek
text for your personal devotions, etc.) . I also have some handouts I can
send you or anyone else (vocabulary list keyed to Mounce's textbook and CD,
easily confused pairs of words, tips on learning the alphabet, and Greek
verb parsing charts).

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On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 10:55 PM, ARega Keskis <aregakeskis at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am trying to learn biblical Greek(Ancient Greek). I am looking for
> helpful learning materials. I just started reading to some extent. Can
> anybody tell me which one is the best book for a beginner?
> I will appreciate your help
> brotherly yours in Christ Jesus
> Arega Eniyew
> (E-mail:Aregakeskis at yahoo.com <E-mail%3AAregakeskis at yahoo.com>}
> Thanks and God bless
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