[B-Greek] I need help!!!

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Yes if you are a visual or audio learner check out Buth or
the new book by Christophe Rico, but if you are an analytical
learner I still think Machen's New Testament Greek for
Beginners is the best.  Get the revised edition if you can
afford it.  Ray Summers is also good.  It doesn't really matter
where you start, in my opinon, just that you start and stay
motivated.  Read through the b-Greek archives.  There you
will find something Buth said about Machen (or maybe it
was Mounce.)  "If Machen taught French the way he teaches
Greek, would anyone learn French?  Ever?"  But that's a 
whole nother story. 
Mark L. 

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> I am trying to learn biblical Greek(Ancient Greek). I am looking for
> helpful learning materials. I just started reading to some extent. Can
> anybody tell me which one is the best book for a beginner?
> I will appreciate your help
> brotherly yours in Christ Jesus
> Arega Eniyew
> (E-mail:Aregakeskis at yahoo.com <E-mail%3AAregakeskis at yahoo.com>}
> Thanks and God bless
> Arega,
You are likely to receive many answers to this one, but Bill Mounce's
"Basics of Biblical Greek" is likely one of the most common ones used today
for introductory Greek.
Keeping in line with much of the recent conversation on the list regarding
learning / teaching methods you may also want to investigate Randall Buth's
Greek material available for purchase on http://www.biblicalulpan.com there
you can learn not only to work with Greek text visually but audibly as well.

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