[B-Greek] a year in Greece?

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Dear Randall,

To quote a colleague of mine in response to a forwarded message on "How to Learn
Ancient Greek,"

    "Yes. A very interesting admission indeed on Carl's part. If I had my
academic preparation to do all over again, I would move to Greece and live there
for a couple of years, learning the language as spoken today. Only then, would I
go on to learn to read ancient Greek, including the classics, the LXX, the NT
and the Fathers. Similarly, I would want to move to Israel for a couple of years
and learn spoken conversational modern Hebrew (as well as Arabic), and go on
from there to study ancient Hebrew and Aramaic (and other ancient Semitic

I have always found it interesting that when learning another language, i.e.
Spanish, French, German, etc. that the immersion method is the method that is
primarily used when taught in the lower grades, high school or college
(depending on when one started), but is not used with reference to Greek or
Hebrew. In fact, missionaries who wish to learn the language of the country they
will eventually work in use the immersion method for about 1-2 years (Chinese,
Japanese, Korean, etc. much, much longer).

En Xristwi,

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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> A perennial question was answered on a blog:
> "I am intending to specialize in New Testament. How helpful do you think it
> will be if I am going to study modern Greek for a year in Greece?"
> http://alefandomega.blogspot.com/
> in comments on "art and message".
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