[B-Greek] Black's Lingusitics for...Greek

Charles Johnson cpj5117 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 16:30:36 EDT 2009

I'm reading David Black's Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek.
So far, it's been very helpful. I learned through the rote memorization rule
method, so the emphasis on morphological analysis is quite enlightening. I
think that it's helped me understand the vocabulary of Greek better.

For example, "Nouns denoting place are formed with -THRION, -WN, and
-EION."  Suddenly, the connection between QUSIA and QUSIASTHRION makes
sense. Who knew? Probably everyone on this list but me.

Also, since I always learned verbs from the lexical form (present), it never
occurred to me that the "lexical morpheme" for some verbs could be the
punctiliar aspect rather than the durative (Black's terms). Thinking of
HLQON as the basic form rather than ERCOMAI (or ELABON rather than LAMBANW)
tremendously improves my attitudes toward these verbs.

I can't believe I went through Bible college and seminary without learning

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