[B-Greek] Complimentary Infinitive + Direct Object?

Matthew Hauck matthauck at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 12:59:45 EDT 2009


I am studying Ephesians 1:10 and trying to figure out the use of the aorist
infinitive ANAKAFALAIWSASQAI. It seems to either be 1) epexegetical /
appositional; 2) purpose; or 3) complimentary. My first read was to take it
as a complimentary of the verb PROEQETO, completing the idea: "God purposed
... to sum up all things in Christ". Hoehner also seems to take this view.

However, my question is whether or not it is possible to have a
complimentary infinitive of a verb that has a direct object already. I can't
seem to get it to make much sense in my mind. "He purposed / planned his
good pleasure to sum up all things", that makes it a purpose I suppose.

Thoughts? Should I rule out the complimentary use?

Thank you!

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