[B-Greek] M. Sim on hINA, hOTI, hOPWS etc.

Elizabeth Kline kline_dekooning at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 2 17:52:33 EST 2009

It seems to me that this thesis is something that could be discussed  
in this forum with some benefit to those who are trying to read and  
understand NT greek. Carl has already given it his blessing (with  
qualifications). My previous post was narrowly focused on Sim's  
conclusions about John 9:1-3, which  I do not share. However, her  
proposal concerning several greek particles hINA, hOTI, hOPWS  
certainly has significant implications for exegesis (and translation)  
of the NT.

A Relevance Theoretic approach
to the particle hINA in Koine Greek
Margaret Gavin Sim
PhD, 2006
Submitted in satisfaction of the requirements of the degree of PhD
in the University of Edinburgh.


The main idea:

---quote from Page 249-250
I argue that the particle hINA was used to give procedural  
instructions to the reader or hearer, rather than to indicate the  
logical relation of the clause it introduces to the rest  of the  
sentence. In Koine it no longer had a fixed lexical meaning, perhaps  
it never did have, but was always used to give procedural instructions  
regarding the following clause, which in earlier Greek was invariably  
end of quote---

For those who don't know Margaret Sim, myself included, her vita might  
be something worth reading:


Elizabeth Kline

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