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> Hope I'm correct; difference in pronunciation schemes are about vowel?

The vowels are the most meaningful difference because phonemes can
become misaligned.
However, the consonants can also be wrong. Standard Erasmian is
exactly backwards for the first century. FEI, ThHTA XEI were aspirated
stops in the sourthern and eastern Mediterranean areas, but Erasmian
uses fricatives. While BHTA DELTA GAMMA were already fricatives but
Erasmian makes them hard and unnecessarily harsh sounding for modern

> Is it possible to have a list to show different schemes using IPA style?


> The Webster convention with marks are confusing; and the way people
> try to tell how to pronounce 'like a for cat; o for note, etc' are
> getting confusing for many examples because there is different English
> dialect (American vs. British, etc).
> Another question; Is long vowel like o for note? or simply o of longer
> duration.

A long vowel is simply longer duration. But in the first century they
were no longer using a length distinction between long and short
vowels. Phonemically, vowels were one length.

> Thank you,
> Oun Kwon.


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