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Carl Conrad wrote:
> On Nov 28, 2008, at 6:24 PM, Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
>> I'm having a senior moment here in my inability to parse ELQATW  and
>> AFIOMEN (the first a variant reading in Lk 11:2a; the second a variant
>> reading in Mt. 6:12).  What am I missing?
> Something really rather simple: the kinds of change that Koine Greek 
> is undergoing at this period:
> (1) Second-aorists are being conjugated with the alpha-endings (or 
> alpha vowel) of the first-aorist; in later Greek ALL past tenses are 
> conjugated with alpha endings. At any rate: ELQATW = older ELQETW: 3 
> sg. aor. (act.) imperative;
> (2) MI-verbs are being conjugated increasingly as Omega-verbs; thus 
> AFIW is the omega-verb equivalent of AFIHMI. Thus AFIOMEN = AFIEMEN: 1 
> pl. pres. act. indicative.
> But we see both older and newer forms of the same verbs in the GNT, 
> even within the same NT book.
Carl and Scott,

Thanks for this!


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