[B-Greek] Luke 2:7

Carl Conrad cwconrad2 at mac.com
Mon Nov 24 21:28:30 EST 2008

On Nov 24, 2008, at 7:50 PM, Alan Terlep wrote:

> In Luke 2:7, 'm wondering if OUK HN AUTOIS TOPOS could mean "there  
> was no
> place _for them_" in the sense, "they were not given a place?"  As a
> preacher, I'd really like to be able to ask whether there is "a  
> place" for a
> teenage mother and her illegitimate child in my church, but I want  
> to be
> responsible about interpreting the text even more.

I think that the text, OUK HN AUTOIS TOPOS means in its context, "they  
had no room" or "there was no room for them." The context does not  
indicate that there was space/room which was denied them; the  
indication is simply that the KATALUMA did not have room for them,  
that it was filled to capacity. I don't think more can be read out of  
the text than it supplies.

Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)

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