[B-Greek] Is the big grammar out of print?

knpraise at comcast.net knpraise at comcast.net
Wed Nov 19 02:48:05 EST 2008

I found my copy, a 1935 edition in an old book store for 35 bucks. 
Sorry, but I just had to brag

Back to shadows, 

John Smithson

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From: Leonard Isaksson <leonardo1orchardcity at mac.com> 

> I had occasion to take a look at Broadman and Holman's site, and I 
> could not find A. T. Robertson's large grammar to be listed as 
> available in print there. Nor could I find the intermediate grammar. 
> Can it be that the venerable publishing house of the denomination which 
> he taught in, which website still quotes him(about J. Broadus) has 
> stopped carrying the weighty tome? 
> Leonard Isaksson 
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