[B-Greek] Verbal Aspect theory -- misgivings

Randall Buth randallbuth at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 11:46:36 EST 2008

rolf egrapse
>Past: So Paul works all yesterday to finish
Present: Paul works from now till 4.
Future: Paul works tomorrow.
Omnitemporal: Paul works.>

But these are based on "Paul works" and
"Paul works" is NOT the English present tense.
That's a problem with labels. If the label's wrong, replace it.
Randall plays tennis, but not at the present moment,
since I am writing this.

One problem with 'scientific analysis' (which I accept) is
that researchers can talk their way into many things that
do not work that way in reality. sometimes they need the shock of
a parable, of cold water, or a stubbed toe, to realize what they are
doing. Using the language does not replace analysis, but
'not using a language' can be a receipe for disaster. You'd be
amazed at the analyses I saw in Africa by linguists who never used
the language or analysis that they were producing.


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