[B-Greek] Verbal aspect theory -- misgivings

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I must admit that while I am a "convert" to the "religion" of VAT, I do have some moderately heretical practices.

1) I will say that while time plays no part in aspect, generally the aorist is past, present is present, etc.

2) There is no such thing (in any system) of classifying the perfect and pluperfect correctly, though VAT comes the closest. While the stative understanding makes the most sense, it still does not fit all occurrences. I had not acknowledged that the aorist and perfect had begun to blend in Koine, but now that you have said that it fits with some of my reading.

In all, I think your misgivings and cautions make sense, and certainly you should not feel alone. As I tell my students, VAT is useful, but reading Greek is still about 30% art. The only way to master the text is to be in the text. Oh, and everyone should have at least two years of Classical also, hehe.

- Ron


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