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Fri Nov 14 05:39:21 EST 2008

Ken egrapse
> I've had a couple of students ask me about the translation of (OSOS.
> I can see from both Louw-Nida and BDAG that this word can be used to
> mean "as much as, as long as" and such like . It also seems to be a
> simple replacement for PAS and for (OS.  That's quite a wide range.
> In light of this flexibility, I wonder if there's any guidance I can give my
> studens about the constraints on the translation, other than saying
> "don't use something not in BDAG or LSJ."  ...>

Howabout "whichever who  . . ;"

I think that it is important for students to realize that their translations
are NOT Greek. Giving them something that is not-English English
is a step in this direction. And things other than in LSJ BDAG may be
very useful IF you are insisting on grammar-translation as a method.
(But why would anyone insist on grammar-translation as a language
learning method?)


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