[B-Greek] Future Perfect

Kenneth Litwak javajedi2 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 9 22:30:20 EST 2008

Black's beginning grammar lists the Future Perfect as a verb tense. In looking into this, I found a web site that said the Future Perfect is always formed in the NT by a periphrastic though it did not say what that was. I'd guess future of EIMI + perfect participle.  However, Smyth, according to the search engine on Perseus, mentions this tense just once, giving a single form of it. I couldn't find a discussion of it in Smyth online otherwise. So I'm uncertain. Is the Future Perfect a tense with its own forms that I should at least mention to beginning students, or is it in the NT only a periphrastic and therefore should be ignored because it is an intermediate topic?  When did the actual tense get basically replaced by the periphrastic construction?

Ken Litwak


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