[B-Greek] Constantine Campbell book on Verbal Aspect

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Sun Nov 9 07:19:32 EST 2008

  In a message to BG a week ago (Nov. 2, 2008) Mike Aubrey initiated
a thread on temporality and spatiality by way of calling attention to
Constantine Campbell's new book on verbal aspect, _Basics of Verbal
Aspect in Biblical Greek_, Zondervan, 2008. Mike has a two part review
of the book posted on his blog: part 1: http://tinyurl.com/5blj38,
part 2: http://tinyurl.com/58td39 that some should find of interest. Now
Zondervan's "Koinonia" blog (http://zondervan.typepad.com/koinonia/)
will display Campbell's blogging on verbal aspect and will also have
links to reviews of the book.

I might just note that I've read the book myself and have quite mixed
feelings about it.

Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Ret)

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