[B-Greek] Time and Reference - Sorting things out

Bryant J. Williams III bjwvmw at com-pair.net
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Dear Michael,

The best thing the linguists could do is use terminology that makes "sense" to
those with no background in linguistics. It is apparent that "Game with words"
is going on. What does remoteness mean? To me (and others) it means "not close,
far away." What does timelessness mean? To me it means (and others) it means
"without time almost to the point of being without time or ethereal."

The above are just samples of what could be given that really confuse the
picture for most of hOI POLLOI both in B-Greek and B-Hebrew lists. Give us a
clear definition of the terms being used. As Randall so eloquently said, "Rule
of thumb: if a child cannot answer it, don't ask it;" or, "KISS: Keep It Simple
Stupid." I do understand that some terminology is going to be hard for one to
wrap one's brain around it, but that does not mean that the one should not
attempt to keep it simple.

Most people want to follow the flow of the sentence, paragraph, etc. as going
from point A, to point B, to point C....to point Z without stumbling over
terminology that is never clear and has different definitions from scholar to
scholar. That is maddening to the person trying to learn. If it gets too
confusing, the person will give up. Do really want that?

En Xristwi,

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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> "Please be careful of your 'spatial metaphor of remoteness' because
> you may be doing exactly what Porter did with the future. Games with
> words."
> Good point. And I will take it to heart.
> My intention in using such was hasn't been so much to introduce something new,
> but rather try to show those who have reacted so strongly against Porter & Co.
> that what is said about "timelessness" is not as extreme as it appears.
> I find the great divide between "temporal" and "nontemporal" views of the verb
to be
> rather silly. And if I can show those who have rejected Porter that the
problem is more
> one of terminology than it is an actual debate, perhaps we can move forward
onto other
> more important things. Right now, everyone is just talking past each other.
> Mike
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