[B-Greek] "A Revolutionary Greek Grammar"

Michael Aubrey mga318 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 13:41:41 EST 2008

"I still think that Robert Funk in his "Beginning-Intermediate Grammar of  
Hellenistic Greek") went farther than other attempts along these  

"There has been in the last two decades some attempts to go beyond the  
word level analyis but for the most part this hasn't been in textbooks  
on NT Greek. It has been in difficult works like Levinsohn:2000,  
monographs, disseratations and so forth. Works which are very  
intimidating to non-linguists.... I don't expect any of this to change any time soon."

To respond to two quotes at once:

In many ways Funk's grammar will continue to be the best attempt.
The reasons is that the grammar in question (which I'll reveal later today or tomorrow), 
in my opinion, does very well to bridge the gap between, say, Wallace and Levinsohn.
In fact its preface quotes from Wallace's explanation of why he does not deal with 
Discourse Analysis. 

The times, they are achangin'



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