[B-Greek] "A Revolutionary Greek Grammar"

Elizabeth Kline kline_dekooning at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 3 10:50:22 EST 2008

from the blog
But the bigger problem of Greek grammars is their focus on words - to  
the expense of larger units of meaning, especially discourse. There is  
meaning beyond the sentence. Langauges structure their paragraphs by  
grammar just like they structure their clauses by grammar. Few grammar  
go beyond words and those that do can be rather obtuse. The result  
here is that we have commentaries that go from word to word discussion  
all the possible meanings as if they’re independent entities.
:end quote

There has been in the last two decades some attempts to go beyond the  
word level analyis but for the most part this hasn't been in textbooks  
on NT Greek. It has been in difficult works like Levinsohn:2000,  
monographs, disseratations and so forth. Works which are very  
intimidating to non-linguists. This intimidation has resulted in a  
backlash by many who go running for cover back to the framework of  
Dana and Manty. I can certainly appreciate this response.

I don't expect any of this to change any time soon.

Elizabeth Kline

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