[B-Greek] Perseus on your local PC!

Louis Sorenson llsorenson at hotmail.com
Sat May 31 13:28:51 EDT 2008


For those who are unaware, Perseus can be downloaded and stored locally on your computer.  I have not tried this as of yet.  If you are interested, go to http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/ .  If anyone has tried this, I think all would be interested to know how it turned out.  Are the morphology/parsing tools part of the install?

 The text on that page says the following: 
 May 13, 2008: New updates to Perseus Hopper open source release:The open source release of the Perseus Hopper has been updated. You now have the choice of downloading the data generated by the installation process rather than loading the data using the texts. The text files continue to be available under the Creative Commons license. Download the latest release of source code from SourceForge.Download the text files or data  here. And
 November 9, 2007: Install Perseus 4.0 on your computer:All of the source code for the Perseus Java Hopper and much of the content in Perseus is now available under an open source license. You can download the code, compile it, and run it on your own system. This requires more labor and a certain level of expertise for which we can only provide minimal support. However, since it will be running on your own machine, it can be much faster than our website, especially during peak usage times. You also have the option to install only certain collections or texts on your version, making it as specialized as you wish. Also, if you want to use a different system to make the content available, you can do so within the terms of the Creative Commons license. This is the first step in open sourcing the code as you can modify the code as much as you want, but at this time, we cannot integrate your changes back into our system. That is our ultimate goal,so keep a look out for that! Download source code hereDownload text data hereLouis Sorenson

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