[B-Greek] Perseus Hopper LSJ offline?

Carl Conrad cwconrad2 at mac.com
Sat May 31 13:21:11 EDT 2008

On May 31, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Louis Sorenson wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've noticed that all the references to the Perseus main LSJlexicon  
> are missing when I enter a word into the Perseus hopper lookupsite.   
> Only the Middle LSJ reference appears.  e.g. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/morph.jsp?l=makari%2Fzw&la=greek#lexicon
> The main LSJ is still working on the standard Perseus cgi-bin site.  
> e.g. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/ptext?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0057%3Aentry%3D%23261
> Does anyone know the status or reason for this.  Hopefully, the  
> Perseus 4.0-hopper will be fixed soon.

One really ought not to depend on that version. The best way to access  
the Perseus LSJ now is via the Archimedes site at Harvard:


Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Retired)

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