[B-Greek] LXX Genesis 1:2 - tohu as AORATOS

Carl Conrad cwconrad2 at mac.com
Wed May 28 12:14:57 EDT 2008

On May 28, 2008, at 12:05 PM, Eric S. Weiss wrote:

> I would guess that a word related to hORIZW would better mean  
> "undefined" for tohu
>  than a word like AORATOS which is related to hORAW. But maybe they  
> are related
>  to each other.

But that is AORISTOS: ever heard of the "aorist" 'tense'? What French  
calls "le passé indéfini"?

The root of hORIZW is hOROS, 'boundary'; there's no relationship to  
fORA, the root of hORAW.

> Jerry Reimer <Jerry at lsm.org> wrote:
>  Seems illogical that actual invisibility could be meant by AORATOS  
> although
> the adjective does contain this as one of its meanings. Undefined,
> unrecognizable seems better here. Appears to a ballpark equivalent for
> Hebrew underneath and that whatever the meaning of the Hebrew  
> vorlage is (I
> am not knowledgeable as to its meaning) should be what defines the LXX
> rendering rather than either the etymology of the Greek adjective or  
> even
> its usual literal meaning. Is this an example of Hebrew Greek?
> Jerry Reimer
>  Eric S. Weiss
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