[B-Greek] LXX Genesis 1:2 - tohu as AORATOS

Eric S. Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 12:05:22 EDT 2008

I would guess that a word related to hORIZW would better mean "undefined" for tohu 
  than a word like AORATOS which is related to hORAW. But maybe they are related 
  to each other.
Jerry Reimer <Jerry at lsm.org> wrote:
  Seems illogical that actual invisibility could be meant by AORATOS although
the adjective does contain this as one of its meanings. Undefined,
unrecognizable seems better here. Appears to a ballpark equivalent for
Hebrew underneath and that whatever the meaning of the Hebrew vorlage is (I
am not knowledgeable as to its meaning) should be what defines the LXX
rendering rather than either the etymology of the Greek adjective or even
its usual literal meaning. Is this an example of Hebrew Greek?

Jerry Reimer

  Eric S. Weiss


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