[B-Greek] Computer analyses of Greek words (NT and OT, and extra-biblical if possible)

Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen ulrikp at hum.aau.dk
Tue May 27 16:21:04 EDT 2008

Hi Steve,

I am the author of Emdros. I'd be glad to know (on-list or off-list)
what you are using it for, and what your experience has been?

I myself have used Emdros quite heavily in my PhD work. My dissertation
has, by the grace of God, been finished and handed in. You can take a
peek here, if you want:


During my PhD, one of my tasks was to produce an annotated collection of
texts by a Danish author named Kaj Munk. I used Emdros for storage and
retrieval. This has resulted in a desktop application which will be sold
commercially, containing Kaj Munk's works, powered by Emdros.

So Emdros is not just for "syntax search", although that is its primary

And yes, Emdros does power the "syntax search" in Libronix. The Greek
databases involved are the "OpenText.org" database, and the "Lexham
Syntactic Greek New Testament".


Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen

Mullins, Steven skrev:
> I'm curious as to who is using EMDROS for computer
> analysis and what their experience has been with it.
> I've just begun using it. It's the engine behind the 
> Syntax Search in Libronix.  Amazingly it is GPL'ed. 
> http://emdros.org/
> Thanks,
> Steve
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