[B-Greek] Current Value of the Westcott-Hort GNT

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I know of at least one passage where I still prefer the W & H reading to that of NA27.  While I can get that information through the apparatus in NA27 or through looking it up in Tischendorf, it is much more immediately obvious if I simply have the two texts parallel.


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  Please excuse a non-grammatical question.  While
the Westcott-Hort Greek NT has played a very important
role in NT scholarship, given that the practice of
textual criticism has gone past it, and the main GNT
editions available today, such as NA27, provide a much
more eclectic text than WH, is there any value today
to the WH GNT or is it now mostly interesting from an
historical point of view?  What do you all think?  I'm
inclined to think that it has no value any more.


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