[B-Greek] Computer analyses of Greek words (NT and OT, and extra-biblical if possible)

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Thu May 22 09:34:22 EDT 2008

Hi Eddie,

There are various options for each of the tasks you describe. I'll take them individually.

> I would like to see every time the verb XYZ occurs in
> the Greek OT and NT (not necessarily give each
> passage; I'm looking more for summary data). 

Almost Bible Software program with Greek texts can do this. Accordance, BibleWorks, and Logos are the three major commercial producers, but some free options such as E-Sword are also available for simple searches such as this. 
Or online. you can use http://www.zhubert.com/ and type in e.g., A(PTOMAI in the "Word Finder" box. 
Then click "See all texts where this lemma appears."

> How many
> times it was used in each tense. 

Again, at zhubert, this time use the search tab, and use "with" "base form" = "?pt?µa?" Click Refine, and "is" "Parsing" = "?A??????" Select "Ready to Search" and click "Search".
This will give you all the Aorists of hAPTOMAI. Do the same for each of P, X, F, I, Y instead of A

> How many times it was
> used as a finite or non-finite verb(al). 

Use the same tool, but change the parsing appropriately, e.g., ???I????

> Are there
> certain words that tend to be used in near proximity
> to it.

I don't know of any software that does proximity analysis. I'd love to hear from others if I'm wrong.

> I want to see every participle used more than 3 times.

I don't know of any software that does searches on frequency of inflection, either.

> What tense, case, and number are they in. What tense
> is the finite verb it is modifying. Does the
> participle come before or after the finite verb it
> modifies.

Some of this can be done with Logos/Libronix Syntax searches. You can search for all participles (of any morphology you specify) following the clause's main verb, or preceding the clause's main verb.
(I don't believe any other software can do this.)

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