[B-Greek] Computer analyses of Greek words (NT and OT, and extra-biblical if possible)

David McKay davidmckay52 at gmail.com
Wed May 21 22:50:24 EDT 2008

G'day Eddie.
It would be a ginormous book.
But don't programs like BibleWorks and Accordance already do this?
David McKay

2008/5/22 Eddie Mishoe <edmishoe at yahoo.com>:

> Here is what I'm wondering if it exists. If not, I've
> got to believe someone is currently working on this.
> I can best ask this by giving an example.
> I would like to see every time the verb XYZ occurs in
> the Greek OT and NT (not necessarily give each
> passage; I'm looking more for summary data). How many
> times it was used in each tense. How many times it was
> used as a finite or non-finite verb(al). Are there
> certain words that tend to be used in near proximity
> to it.
> I want to see every participle used more than 3 times.
> What tense, case, and number are they in. What tense
> is the finite verb it is modifying. Does the
> participle come before or after the finite verb it
> modifies.
> That's the idea I'm looking for. But, add to the above
> a lot more categories for each word.
> Any one know of something like this? In our computer
> age, I've got to believe someone is running zillions
> of permutations and combinations for just about every
> Greek word in the Bible.
> This would be a reference book, not a commentary.
> Eddie Mishoe
> Pastor
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