[B-Greek] Computer analyses of Greek words (NT and OT, and extra-biblical if possible)

Eddie Mishoe edmishoe at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 22:45:55 EDT 2008

Here is what I'm wondering if it exists. If not, I've
got to believe someone is currently working on this.

I can best ask this by giving an example.

I would like to see every time the verb XYZ occurs in
the Greek OT and NT (not necessarily give each
passage; I'm looking more for summary data). How many
times it was used in each tense. How many times it was
used as a finite or non-finite verb(al). Are there
certain words that tend to be used in near proximity
to it.  
I want to see every participle used more than 3 times.
What tense, case, and number are they in. What tense
is the finite verb it is modifying. Does the
participle come before or after the finite verb it

That's the idea I'm looking for. But, add to the above
a lot more categories for each word. 

Any one know of something like this? In our computer
age, I've got to believe someone is running zillions
of permutations and combinations for just about every
Greek word in the Bible.

This would be a reference book, not a commentary.

Eddie Mishoe


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