[B-Greek] English translations of Textus Receptus

Ross J Purdy rossjpurdy at netwurx.net
Wed May 21 19:54:08 EDT 2008

Hi Paul,

Paul Rembach wrote:
> Hello
> Which English NTs currently in print are based on the Textus Receptus?
I would recommend Young's Literal Translation and there are also: KJV, 
New Cambridge Paragraph Bible, NKJV, Webster, New Scofield Study Bible, 
Modern King James Version (Jay Green), Literal Version (Jay Green), 
Third Millennium Bible, 21st Century Version, KJ2000 (Couric), Berry's 
Interlinear, Global Ministries Easy to Read Version and Sword Bible, The 
New Authorized Version of the Bible in Present-Day English (AV7), Noli 
NT, The Orthodox New Testament, There are at least 3 (maybe a fourth) 
updated Tyndale Versions and an original spelling edition. There are 
also a half dozen or more other electronic only versions that have not 
made it into print available on the internet.

In Christ,

Ross Purdy

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