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The King James Version ?


On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 1:24 AM, Paul Rembach <PaulR at rppinc.co.za> wrote:
> Hello
> Which English NTs currently in print are based on the Textus Receptus?
> My reason for asking this is that I am reading the Hebrew NT by Delitsch
> and according to what I have researched the later editions that he did
> were revised to suit the Textus Receptus (as is the Hebrew translation
> by Salkinson & Ginsburg.) As I am more familiar with the translations
> based on Westcott & Hort and Nestle Aland an English NT based on the TR
> will assist me in seeing where and why the Hebrew NT by Delitsch
> differs.
> Thanks
> Paul Rembach
> paulr at rppinc.co.za
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