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It might not be the preferred method, but if you already have some
Koine, why not? I learned Koine the first year and then did classical
and went on to graduate work in classical. 

Others will undoubtedly have other ideas :) But, I suggest grabbing some
Xenophon or Lucian (Vera Historia is a blast)--Theophrastus is fun,
too--, a copy of Smyth's grammar, an intermediate LSJ (the "Middle
Liddell") and reading. A paradigm list for verbs would help with the

There used to be a nice little summary of syntax based on Xenophon by
Bevier from Caratzas Brothers, but it appears to be out of print
tiny url: http://tinyurl.com/5wd4hy). Maybe there is a copy floating
around on the Internet, since it was pre-copyright. You might find that


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I just completed a year of Koine Greek.  Instead of moving on to an
intermediate Koine class, I wondering whether studying some Classical
Greek might be more beneficial in the long run?  

Having searched through the list archives, I can see that this isn't the
preferred order.  It probably does make more sense to move from
Classical to Koine.  However, I'd still like to hear some thoughts on
moving in the other direction.

For what it's worth, I used Mounce's textbook for introduction to Koine.


David Pettys

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