[B-Greek] Teach Nouns or Verbs first?

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I think one should learn them, but frankly I don't pay much attention to them.  Nevertheless, if they weren't there I'd miss them.  It would be like walking into your own living room where a chair was suddenly missing.  You might have plenty of places to sit, but it wouldn't seem right.


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  In preparing to teach Beginning Greek, I've noticed
that there are some significant differences between
Mounce (which I am using because that's the book
everyone else uses at the school, and the one
recommended on Rod Decker's site) and others.  Black,
Machen (which I learned from), etc. put verbs right up
front.  Mounce makes you wait ten lessons before you
actually get to verbs.  You use them before that in
exercises but you don't really learn what you're
looking at.  Does anyone have comments on the choice
of verbs first or nouns first when teaching Greek?  

  Also, my experience was to learn accents right away
with all the rules.  Mounce talks about them briefly
and Black even less.  I think knowing the rules are
helpful, unless one is only going to read Majuscules. 
What do others think? Thanks.


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