[B-Greek] recommendation: gadget?

Susan Jeffers susan at read-the-bible.org
Thu May 15 07:39:15 EDT 2008

Greetings b-greek folk --

I would like to buy some sort of hand-held gadget that would enable me 
to search a Greek (and ideally Hebrew as well) concordance of the LXX/NT 
e.g. when I'm in a Bible Study group and someone asks where else a 
particular word is used.  I don't need parsing or a complete set of 
reference tools, but a brief gloss of the word along with its 
occurrences in Greek and English would be nice.

Last evening we were talking about "blessed are the meek" and I looked 
up PRAEIS in my GNT with Dictionary, and dimly recalled that it's not a 
very common word, but would have loved to have at least been able to 
come up with the 3 or so other NT places it occurs.  I wouldn't want to 
start lugging a laptop to a discussion group.  Or several thick volumes 
of printed concordances.

Any suggestions?  I'm a long-time BibleWorks user (BibleWindows before 
that) but have no experience of PDAs at all, and see little use for them 
other than this one specialized function.  I had a little Franklin 
gadget some years ago with the KJV in it; if that had Greek and Hebrew 
I'd be all set. 


Susan Jeffers

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