[B-Greek] Syllabification

David McKay davidmckay52 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 23:12:36 EDT 2008

Does anyone know a good book or site for dividing English words into
syllables? I hope you don't think I'm silly, but when I divide words up for
printing as part of a music score, I'm never sure if it is "ne-ver" or
"nev-er", for example. Hope this isn't too off-topic.
David McKay

2008/5/14 Kenneth Litwak <javajedi2 at yahoo.com>:

>   I don't think I was ever taught about
> syllabification in English or Greek, so it was
> interesting to see a formal presentation of it in
> Mounce's beginning Greek book.  I'm wondering though,
> about one of his rules.  He says that if a cluster of
> consonants can be pronounced, you should keep them
> together and the cluster goes with the following
> vowel.  His example for this is EM-PRO-SQEN.  I
> haven't got anything with me to check this word out,
> but I would have guessed this ought to be EM-PROS-QEN
> for two reasons.  First, I don't think that SQEN is
> capable of really being pronounced as one thing and
> second, I would have guessed that PROS is in fact the
> preposition PROS with a prefix and a suffix as part of
> how the word came to have its meaning.  Is Mounce's
> rule valid and if so, is this example valid, or is the
> rule valid but the example invalid?  Thanks.
> Ken
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